CIMA - Management Level

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Field : Accounting
Provider : Achievers Lanka Business School
Granting Institute : CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Mode of Study : Full time in Sri Lanka
Duration : 6 Months
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  • Management level is the second level of the professional qualification and consists of four exams.

  1. Advanced Financial Reporting (F2)

  2. Advanced Management Accounting (P2)

  3. Project and Relationship Management (E2)

  4. Management Level Case Study

  5. management


Project and Relationship Management (E2) 

Summary of syllabus Weightage

  • Introduction to strategic management and assessing the global environment 30%

  • The human aspects of the organization 20%

  • Managing relationships 20%

  • Managing change through projects 30%


Advanced Management Accounting (P2)

Summary of syllabus Weightage

  • Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage 25%

  • Control and performance management of responsibility centres 30%

  • Long-term decision making 30%

  • Management control and risk 15%


Advanced Financial Reporting (F2)

Summary of syllabus Weightage

  • Sources of long-term finance 15%

  • Financial reporting 60%

  • Analysis of financial performance and position 25%


You will learn how to:

  • P2 F2 and E2 content

  • Apply the knowledge you have gained in the three subjects to reflect real-life work situations.


Exam sequence

  • Students must pass all Operational level subjects and the integrated case study before attempting the Management level.

  • Assessment

  • Objective tests (OTQ)

  • The student has to take a 90 minute objective test comprising of 60 questions for each subject of the Management level. The exams are available on demand. 

  • Integrated case study exam

  • The integrated case study exams are available four times a year. The duration of the exam is three hours. 



  • Students who pass all three Management level OTQ papers and the Integrated case study exam will be awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.
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