MBA from PIM

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Field : Business Administration
Provider : PIM Sri Lanka
Granting Institute : PIM - University of Sri Jayawardenapura
Mode of Study : Full time in Sri Lanka
Duration : 2 Years
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MBA Programme Learning Goals

This module is in direct relevance to the learning goals of the MBA programme. As it is stated, PIM MBA graduates will be able to:

  • Recognize the key knowledge, skills and attitudes at local and global level.

  • Reflect with critical thinking and analysis in solving business – related problems.

  • Reach public and private organizations through team participation.

  • Realize the importance of economic and ecological concerns and the humane aspects of business activities.

  • Reinforce integrity and ethics in being conscious of values when decisions are made.

The above objectives are linked to the learning objectives of each module.



Degree Requirements

  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the core degree programme of the Institute. It takes two years to complete. Organized into eight academic terms during this two-year period, the programme offers approximately 600 classroom interaction hours and over 60 hours of faculty consultation on research, skills development, directed study and residential workshops. Since the degree requirements for group work, practical assignments, research and skills projects as well as examinations are comprehensive, the demand on students in terms of study hours is high. Most of the sessions are conducted during evenings and weekends, and part of the work is done through day-time workshops and off-campus residential programmes. All degree requirements must be completed within a period of five years of the date of first registration.

A student must earn a total of 60 credits by way of course work, research work and skills demonstration. These credit hours (cr) are distributed among these components of the regular study programme as follows:



Required Core Courses (18) 36 credits
Elective Courses (03) 06 credits
Management Research Project (MRP) or Management Skills Project (MSP) or Management Case Study (MCS) or Entrepreneurship Skills Project (ESP) or Industry Survey Project (ISP) 15 credits
Total  60 Credits



The Management Research Project/ Management Skills Project/Management Case Study/Entrepreneurship Skills Project/ Industry Survey Project is presented by the student before a panel of academic and professional evaluators.

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