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Field : Engineering
Provider : BCAS Campus
Granting Institute : UGC
Mode of Study: Full time in Sri Lanka

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Education is the backbone of an individual and the country as a whole. Higher education gives strength to a person to face the challenges of the modern world with confidence. Correctly guided higher education will promote skills development, self-confidence, deep analytical thinking in problem-solving and positive attitudes together with sustained cultural values to a person.  Therefore higher education is a win-win situation to the individual and to the country. 

Since higher education elevates a generation, the best investment in a family is to educate the children up to the graduate or postgraduate level. The investment made in the private sector higher education affiliated to recognized universities globally is a lifetime investment.

 In selecting a Higher Educational Institute, the quality of diploma/degree programs are extremely important. The institute should have affiliations to recognized universities/authority locally or internationally. HND of Pearson, US (Edexcel, UK) are worldwide recognized producing qualified human resources suitable for global markets. The affiliated university will monitor the quality of the diploma/degree programs they deliver through local higher education institutes and would assure quality on par with their internal students.

BCAS with the recognition as the best private higher education institute in the country as published by LMD magazine proves the high quality higher education at an affordable cost to suit its motto: Building Careers-Transforming Lives. I strongly recommend the parents to invest on the higher education of their children to become qualified from world-recognized higher education Institutes.


Professor Kshanika Hirimburegama

Dean of Academic Affairs

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