Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR)

: LKR 4,084,530

: LKR 102,187

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Field : Aviation
Provider : Skyline Aviation
Granting Institute : Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
Mode of Study: Full time in Sri Lanka
Duration : 1 Year
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Packages Available Full Time
Duration 12 Months
Commencement On demand
  • The Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) will enable you to pursue a career in commercial aviation.

  • The flight training is designed to fine-tune the skills already mastered in the PPL, with both dual and solo flight time. The main goal of training for the Commercial Pilot License is to build your time towards the 180 hour total time requirement for CPL/IR (150 hours for CPL & 30 hours for I/R)

  • Since most CPL/IR students have 40 hours on completion of their PPL, these hours can be credited towards the total CPL/IR hour requirement.



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